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Punjab National Bank BSR Code

What is BSR Code for Punjab National Bank

BSR stands for BASIC STATISTICAL RETURNS. BSR code is a seven-digit code allotted by Reserve Bank of India to all the registered banks in India. The first three digits out of the seven represent {Bank Name} whereas the remaining four digits represent Punjab National Bank’s branch.

Where is Punjab National Bank BSR code used

Basic Statistical Returns is a system, which tries to integrate the data relating to various commercial banks and promotes the filling of the same with RBI at regular intervals. It is used in 3 particular places:

  • When TDS/TCS returns are being filed, BSR code is used in challan details and deductee details. This system is used to maintain records of the online payments and alerts the Income Tax department about the payment through banks.
  • BSR Codes also assist any international tax authority to track the payment made by an individual to a foreign country.
  • BSR Codes enables the senior citizens to receive pensions earlier.

How are Punjab National Bank BSR and CIN used

CIN or Challan Identification Number is a 20-digit unique identification number that can be found on the taxpayer’s counterfoil. BSR code is used in combination with the CIN number which also comprises of the date of deposit (dd/ mm/ yy i.e. six digits) and the challan serial number in 5 digits. CIN is always unique for each challan throughout the country and thus, helps in identifying the challan in the OLTAS.

What is the difference between Punjab National Bank BSR code and IFSC code?

Although, both IFSC codes and BSR codes help uniquely identify a particular bank branch, they are different in 2 ways.
3. The number of digits used to represent each code is different. IFSC is an 11-digit alphanumeric code, while BSR code is a seven-digit code.
4. An IFSC code is used while making online money transfers through RTGS (Real-time gross settlement systems) and NEFT (national electronic fund transfer), while BSR codes are used for filing online TDS/TCS returns or for easy distribution of pension among retired Government employees