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Buy Travel Insurance To Enjoy Tension Free Trips

Who doesn’t want to go for a trip to relax and enjoy? After spending most of our time at work, all we want is a vacation to rejuvenate. A vacation, should be such, that we don’t have to bother about anything. But, not everyone of us is fortunate enough to have a worry free trip.

Even if we go for a business trip, for studies or any other purpose, unseen emergencies like baggage loss, medical emergency among others, can make our trip very expensive. If you are looking for a solution against such unseen medical and non-medical emergencies, then, we are here to help you. The solution for such untimely losses due to unwanted situations, is getting a travel insurance. Read on to find out what is travel insurance and why you should buy travel insurance to enjoy tension free trips.

Buy Travel Insurance To Enjoy Tension Free Trips

You can buy a Travel Insurance Policy to have safer trip. Travel Insurance can be for a single trip or multiple trips in a particular time frame. It can be for national as well as international trips. It covers the medical expenses, financial emergency due to theft etc. and travel delays. Travel insurance can be of various types as per the requirements of the clients. And so are the coverage and premiums. It can be for the individual, family or on the floater basis. The insurance companies provide good travelling packages along with the schemes. Let’s have a look on what travel insurance covers and what does it not cover:

General Coverage In Travel Insurance:

  1. Medical Expenses: The emergency medical expenses due to accidents and others.
  2. Emergency Evacuation: The assistance required in case there is an emergency evacuation from the country.
  3. Personal Accident/ Disability/ Death: The claim can be done for the accidents or permanent disability. Also, in case of death, the insured amount will be paid by the company.
  4. Flight Delay or Cancellation: The flight delay or the cancellation of flight will be handled by the company.
  5. Baggage or Passport Loss: There will be reimbursement for the total loss or delay of checked baggage. Also there are provisions for passport loss.
  6. Financial Assistance: The emergency financial assistance due to theft, robbery or any such situation will be paid by the company.

Note: The insurance companies may have different premiums for US and UK as compared to other countries. The reason is that the charges, which insurance companies pay in these countries are more. Moreover, the baggage or any type of material with you can be claimed, only if its is checked and available in records.

Generally Not Covered In Travel Insurance:

  1. War or Terrorism: Any loss- partial or fully due to act of war or terrorism cannot be claimed.
  2. Self Responsible Medical Condition: The insurer is not responsible for the irresponsibility of insured on medical grounds like not working as per doctor’s prescription, any medical claim for the previously exiting problems. There is no claim against loss due to alcohol after effects, suicide or any self damage.

Customizable Options

Normally, an additional premium is to be paid for these options.

  1. Riskier Sports: The riskier sports like scuba, para gliding etc. can be included and are not generally available in the base policy.
  2. Countries With Terrorist Problems: The trip to the countries with frequent terrorist activity problem are not insured by many companies. Though few companies insure them on additional basis.

Note: All the coverage schemes mentioned above are on general basis. The options, coverage schemes and premium can vary from company to company and the policy you opt for. Some companies provide the customization options while others design varied policies and you have to choose one. It is a good practice to go through each and every clause of your travel insurance thoroughly. In case of doubt, you can ask your insurer for clarifications.

So, if you are planning  a trip and haven’t got travel insurance done yet, then we recommend you to buy travel insurance to enjoy a tension free trip.

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