What Do Banks Do With Our Money To Make More Money?

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Step By Step Instructions To Register And Make Online Payments Through ezeClick?

American Express has launched an online service with the name ‘ezeClick’ to facilitate its customers. As name suggest this service helps customers make there online payments using their credit cards quite easily.... Read more »

CTS 2010 Cheques : Now Use Your Old Cheque Book Till 31st March 2013

Reconsidering the date for the implementation of CTS 2010,  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has extended the deadline to April 01st,  2013. In earlier notification, RBI has instructed banks to implement the... Read more »

Nomination Or Will – What You Need To Claim Ownership?

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Family Saving Account – Group Your Family Members Savings Account

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Your Present Cheque Book May Not Be Valid After March 31, 2013 – Get Your New Cheque Book

Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has issued some guideline regarding the format of the cheques issued by the banks in India. Considering the changes suggested by RBI, banks have already started issuing... Read more »

How To STOP Telemarketing SMS/Calls On Your Mobile/ Landline Phone–Video?

Today every one using mobile phone is bugged up due to hundreds of unwanted SMS. Frequency of these promotional SMS’s are so high which sometimes make us miss some important messages too.... Read more »

Difference Between NEFT And RTGS

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What Is Minimum Average Balance In Saving Bank Account? – How Is It Calculated

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Zero Balance Saving Account For All SBI Customers

State bank of India (SBI), has offered zero balance saving bank account to its customers. No it is not a new saving account scheme launched by SBI, rather SBI has removed the... Read more »

Charge Card – No Limit Credit Card For Limitless Shopping

When we talk about plastic money the very first thing that comes to our mind is debit card and credit card. Here is another card which falls in the category of plastic... Read more »

MICR Code & IFSC Code Must On Bank Passbook & Account Statement: RBI

The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has made it compulsory for all the banks to print the MICR code & IFSC code on the bank passbook and account statement of the customers.... Read more »

RBI Monetary Policy 2012-13 Highlights- Repo Rate Cut & Pre Payment Penalty Removed

After a long span of 3 years, Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has finally reduced the short term lending rate i.e repo rate to 8% i.e a reduction of 0.50%.  In the... Read more »

RuPay Debit Card : Indian Substitute Of Visa & MasterCard

National Payment Corporation of India (NCPI), has launched India’s first payment gateway RuPay on March 26, 2012. RuPay is the name of the domestic card scheme launched in competition with global payment... Read more »