Uttar Pradesh (UP) Housing Board Is Planning To Raise Property Rates From FY 2012-13

The state government agency of Uttar Pradesh (UP) is planning to raise the prices of new houses and plots offered by ‘Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board (UPHDB)’ by 20% (approx.) in... Read more »

What Is The Right Age For Your Kid To Have A Saving Bank Account?

Looking at the lifestyle of kids these days, banks have come up with a unique saving bank accounts especially designed for minors. The idea to introduce this kind of account came with... Read more »

Account Number Portability : Switch Between Banks Without Changing Account Number

After number portability on mobile phones, now government of India has plans to introduce account number portability for bank customers. With this customer of one bank will be allowed to switch between... Read more »

RBI Removes Cap Of Rs 50,000 Per Customer Per Day On Mobile Banking Transactions In India

As per the circular issued by Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) on 22nd December 2011, the transaction limit of Rs 50,000 per customer per day using Inter bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)... Read more »

M-Paisa : New Mobile Banking Account For Indians From HDFC Bank & Vodafone India

HDFC Bank and Vodafone India have come together to launch a new platform for unbanked Indians with the name of ‘HDFC Bank MobileBank Account with Vodafone m-paisa’. This is new and one... Read more »

Take Benefit Of ‘Auto Sweep’ Facility On Your Saving Bank Account To Earn Little Extra

Today’s market condition is taking people out from making investment under gold and stock market. People are trying to stay away from risky investments which is why un-invested funds are lying idle... Read more »

How To Take Benefit Of Deregulation On Saving Bank Deposit Interest Rate?

Since March 2010, every monetary policy review has raised the basis point. With every upward move of basis point, banks have passed the complete burden on consumers which resulted in high interest... Read more »

Validity Of Cheques, Drafts, Pay Orders & Bankers Cheque Will Reduce From 6 Months To 3 Months W.e.f 1st April 2012

As per the notification issued by the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) on November 4th 2011, now the period for the payment i.e validity of cheques, Drafts, Pay orders and bankers cheque... Read more »

Increase In Saving Bank Interest Rate And Base Rate By Kotak Mahindra Bank

Oct 30th, 2011: Kotak Mahindra Bank have announced to revise its savings bank interest rate from 4% to 6% and base rate from 9.75% p.a to 10% p.a with effect from Nov... Read more »

RBI : History Of Repo Rate Since March 2010

Thirteenth time since march 2010, Reserve Bank of India have raised the Repo Rate. Repo Rate is the rate at which central bank (RBI) lends money to banks. Lets have a look... Read more »

RBI: Now NRIs/PIOs Can Maintain FCNR (B) Account In Any Freely Convertible Currency

As per the notification issued by Reserve Bank Of India (RBI), Indians with non resident accounts are now allowed to hold their accounts in the country in any currency which is fully... Read more »

Approval From RBI Will Introduce White Label ATMs In India

In order to boost the banking facilities in the country, Finance Ministry have proposed the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) for the introducing of white-label ATMs. What Are White Label ATMs? White... Read more »

Latest PayPal Update – RBI Raised Receiving Limit From $500 To $3000 Per Transaction For Indian PayPal Users

As per the latest news, Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) have raised the limit for Indian PayPal users from $500 to $3000 per transaction. Few days back, PayPal have notified its Indian... Read more »

RBI Hikes Small Money Transfer Limits In India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have announced domestic money transfer relaxation for small money transfers. The new guidelines issued by the RBI have made changes in the cash pay out, cash... Read more »

Are You Paying Your Credit Card Debt Month On Month With Heavy Interest Rate? – Go For Balance Transfer Card

Usage of ‘Plastic Money’ i.e. payments using Credit/Debit cards have been increased a lot. Banks and financial institutions are also coming up with different types of Credit cards with attractive offers to... Read more »