Permanent Account Number (PAN) For NRIs And PIOs

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Purchase Or Transfer Of Immovable Property By NRI/PIO In India

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How To Check ITR V Acknowledgement & Receipt Status Online?

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Income Tax (IT) Exemptions On House Rent Allowance (HRA)

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Is There Any Penalty/Late Fee On Late Filing Of Income Tax Return?

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Difference Between Form 16 & Form 16A

In respect of Tax deducted at source,or tax paid ,on or before 31st Mar,every deductor must issue a certificate of deduction of tax at source to every person from whom tax has... Read more »

Form 26AS – What Is Tax Credit Statement? How Is It Useful For A Taxpayer?

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Are You Salaried With Upto 5 Lakhs Earnings? Exempt From Filing ITR

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Financial Planning Will Forward Your Footsteps Towards Debt Freedom

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What Is DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements)?

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NRE, NRO Or FCNR–Which NRI Account Type Is Better For You?

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Types Of Income Tax Return Forms In India For The AY 2011-2012

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What Is UID?

Unique Identification Number (UID), is an identification system where all the citizens of India will be allocated with a unique number which will serve his/her identity for a variety of identification purposes.... Read more »

What Is Escrow?

The word “Escrow” comes from the French word “escroue” which literally means a piece of paper, which signifies a deed which the third party “holds on to” until a transaction is finalized.... Read more »

Tax Implications On Capital Gains – Short Term & Long Term Capital Gain

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