Fixed Deposits VS Mutual Funds

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RBI Asked Banks To Vanish The Condition Imposed On Repayment Of Fixed Deposits For Joint Accounts

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Difference Between Fixed Deposit And Fixed Maturity Plan

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A Fixed Deposit is a financial instrument. It is a safe investment option. It is an arrangement with the bank in which you deposit a fixed sum of money in an account for a specific time period and earn a fixed higher interest rate. This amount deposited in the account is only repayable at or after the maturity date. However, you can always withdraw it, if you need it to manage a financial crunch or an emergency by just paying the nominal penalty charges. You can make multiple fixed deposits. The deposit is given a fixed deposit receipt by the financial institution he/she has chosen to invest in, and this slip has to be produced at maturity. You can also choose to reinvest or renew the fixed deposit as per your discretion. A fixed deposit helps you plan your finances better.