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Your Home Loan Can Be Rejected On These Five Grounds

Your Home Loan Can Be Rejected On These Five Grounds Buying one’s own house is many people’s dream. After all, buying a house is perhaps the costliest and therefore, the most important... Read more »
Home Loan Rejection

Your Home Loan Can Be Rejected On These Five Grounds

Buying one’s own house is many people’s dream. After all, buying a house is perhaps the costliest and therefore, the most important decision one can make in his/her life. There will or... Read more »

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Home Loan Rejection

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SBI Home Loan Interest Rate Increased

SBI home loan interest rate has been increased by 5 basis points recently. This is due to the increased marginal cost of funds-based lending rates (MCLR) by up to 25 basis points... Read more »
Home Loan Rejection

Five Things To Consider Before Applying For A Home Loan

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A loan is the amount of money given by banks and other financial institutions with an expected payback along with interest levied on it.

Some of the loans that are doing the rounds of the market include Home Loan, Auto Loan, Personal Loan, Education Loan, Credit Card loans, loans against fixed deposit, loans against Insurance schemes, loans against Mutual Funds and Shares.

The purpose of lending loans is to facilitate people to fulfil their needs without actually facing a financial crisis, or a financial crunch, plan their finances well and maintain liquidity at the same time.

For availing any kind of loan, you need to fulfil eligibility criteria associated to that loan. Some common eligibility criteria are associated with your income, occupation, age, your capacity to pay back the loan, and place of residence.