Use Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) While Mutual Fund Investment To Protect Yourself From Market Volatility

Making investment under stock market is like a gamble that is why people uses different techniques like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) to invest and withdraw their funds... Read more »

Consolidated Mutual Fund Monthly Transaction Statement Made Mandatory By SEBI In India

According to the Association of Mutual Fund in India (AMFI), from now on mutual fund investors will get a consolidated account statement (CAS) which will include the details of all the mutual... Read more »

Liquid Funds Offers Investment With Liquidity And Higher Returns! So Why Saving Account?

Today every one of us atleast have one saving or salary account which we use to keep our earnings safe. At the beginning of the month our salary gets credited into this... Read more »

What Is Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)?

We have already learned about Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), where investor can invest there money in mutual funds in a systematic way. Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), is reverse of SIP where investors... Read more »

What Is ELSS Scheme?

ELSS ( Equity Linked Saving Scheme ) is another tax saving instrument along with your regular LIC, PPF etc. It is a type of mutual fund which is qualified for tax exemption... Read more »

What Are Money Market Mutual Funds?

Money market mutual funds is a mutual funds that invest solely in money market instruments. Money market instruments are form of debts that mature in less than one year and are very... Read more »