MCX Options-A Guide to Basic Concepts of Commodities Trading

The commodities market is one of the establishments of the worldwide exchange framework. For the genuine broker, learning in how to exchange wares is fundamental: incredible benefits can be made whether a... Read more »

Merger And Acquisition (M&A) And Its Various Types

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) is a term that defines the event of combination of two or more companies into one. Normally, it has been seen that either people consider mergers and acquisition... Read more »

Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA)– Demat Account With No Annual Maintenance Charge

With the introduction of BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account) now small individual investors can open and maintain demat account for trading in securities market of India without or small annual maintenance charge.... Read more »
How To Transfer/ Gift Shares?

How To Transfer/ Gift Shares?

Today investing under shares is a common practice, but when it comes to transferring of shares, most of the people get stuck as the procedure for the same is not known to... Read more »

Now Lodge Your Complaint Against Listed Companies Or Brokers With NSE

Do you invest or trade in stock market? If yes then you might have come across a situation where you were either not satisfied with the services of the exchange or the... Read more »

Stamp Duty On Transfer Of Shares And Transfer Of Shares as Gift

Investing in stock market has always been a point of interest because of high rates of return. Though due to high rate of risks as well combined with the investment, there are... Read more »

Understand Shares Issues And Its Types

Companies generate funds from public and other options by issuing the shares. The fund is beneficial as the company does not have to pay the interest as in case of loans. Only... Read more »

Fluctuations In Commodity Market Due To Delayed Monsoons

Delay in the monsoons has started creating the fluctuations in the commodity market. Everyone is praying for the monsoons to arrive soon to manage the production at the forecasted and required levels.... Read more »

“Zecco” An Easy Way To Trade On The Go

If you are an investor who keeps on checking stock exchange so that if you find any thing interesting or you see an opportunity by which you can make profit or so,... Read more »

What Are Participatory Notes? – Use of Participatory Notes In Indian Equity Markets

Investment made by foreign investor in Indian market can be classified as – Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII). By both FDI and FII, foreign investors can invest their... Read more »

What Are Equity-Linked Debentures?

Looking at the ups and downs in the equity market in recent past, investors have started looking for financial products which can offer them security of principal with reasonable returns. Equity-linked debentures... Read more »

IDBI Launched India’s First Online Retail GSec Portal For Retail Investors To Transact In Government Securities

IDBI Bank Ltd. has launched India’s first online retail G-Sec Portal. The purpose of this Portal is to offer a platform to retail investors to invest under Government securities. This portal is... Read more »

SEBI Launched India’s First Central KYC Registration Agency

Securities and exchange board of India (SEBI), has launched India’s first central Know Your Client (KYC) registration agency for the capital market. This KYC registration agency is supposed to maintain the KYC... Read more »

HDFC Securities Has Launched Trading App For Android, Blackberry & Microsoft Based Phones

HDFC Securities has launched a mobile phone apps for its customers to transact, trade and get market information on the go. Customers of HDFC can download this trading application on their smart... Read more »

Stock Market is also called the share market or equity market. It is a collection of exchanges and markets where the trading of stocks or equities of the publicly held companies, other classes of securities and bonds undertakes. It’s either done through Over the Counter Marketplaces (OTC) or through formal exchanges. A stock market is one of the most crucial components of a free economy. Here publicly held companies can raise funds from investors in exchange for a slice of ownership. The official regulatory body of the stock markets in India is SEBI- Securities Exchange Board of India. Investing in the stock market is done to create wealth by leveraging the growth of different industry sectors of an economy.