The Dire Straits of Indian Economy Due to COVID Situation

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Indian Financial Sector- The Way Forward Post COVID-19

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Challenges Faced by the Indian Finance Sector During COVID-19 Times

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Top 9 Stock Market Tips for Beginners

Top 9 Stock Market Tips for Beginners

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Primary Market vs. Secondary Market

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Merger And Acquisition (M&A) And Its Various Types

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Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA)– Demat Account With No Annual Maintenance Charge

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How To Transfer/ Gift Shares?

How To Transfer/ Gift Shares?

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Now Lodge Your Complaint Against Listed Companies Or Brokers With NSE

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Stock Market is also called the share market or equity market. It is a collection of exchanges and markets where the trading of stocks or equities of the publicly held companies, other classes of securities and bonds undertakes. It’s either done through Over the Counter Marketplaces (OTC) or through formal exchanges. A stock market is one of the most crucial components of a free economy. Here publicly held companies can raise funds from investors in exchange for a slice of ownership. The official regulatory body of the stock markets in India is SEBI- Securities Exchange Board of India. Investing in the stock market is done to create wealth by leveraging the growth of different industry sectors of an economy.