Goodwill Hospital And Research Centre Ltd. (GHRCL) – Initial Public Offering (IPO) Opens On December 30, 2011

Goodwill Hospital And Research Centre Ltd. (GHRCL) has opened its initial public offering today, on 30th Dec 2011 and will close on 9th Jan 2012. The total size of this IPO is... Read more »

SEBI : Brokers Should Not Charge Service Tax On Late Payment Penalty From Stock Investors

As per the notification raised by securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) to stock exchanges, investors making investment under stock exchange are not liable to pay any service tax on late... Read more »

Keep A Complete Track On Your Trading Activities With Contract Notes

Contract note is a legal document which every stock brokers issues to their investors who invest into shares or other listed securities through them. In normal trading cycle, when an investor wishes... Read more »

Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Maybe Reduce Or Removed In India – SEBI Requests Finance Ministry Of India

Past few months have not been among the good times for global economy. Economic crisis which originated from Europe, gradually spreading to USA and Asian economies have led to a big slowdown... Read more »

What Is Application Supported By Blocked Amount (ASBA) Facility?

There are various methods of making investments, out of which stock market is one of the leading sector where people invest there money with the expectation of getting good returns. Companies raise... Read more »

What Is Security Transaction Tax (STT)?

Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is a tax deduction being levied on all your equity transactions. STT is applicable on every purchase or sale of securities listed on the Indian stock exchange at... Read more »

What Is CFD?

CFD stands for Contracts For Difference, as its name suggests it is a contract between two parties “buyer” and “seller”, that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the current... Read more »

What Is A Demat Account? How To Open A Demat Account In India?

Dematerialized Account, popularly known as Demat Account, is a safe and convenient way of holding securities(equity and debt instruments both). For investing in the country’s stock markets, the very first step is... Read more »

What Is The Difference Between Class A And Class B Shares Of Stock?

Companies issues different types of stocks in the Stock Market to raise their capital. Most new investors get confused with these different types of stocks but it is important to understand what... Read more »

What Is Stop Loss?

One important attribute of any trading system is the ability to keep losses small. This is what an investor can achieve with the use of Stop Loss. Setting a stop loss is... Read more »

Difference Between Short Sale And Foreclosure

Taking mortgage to buy a home and then repay the amount to bank or financial institution at regular installment has become a common practice these days. But most of the people cannot... Read more »

What Is Market Capitalization?

Market cap or market capitalization is simply the total worth of a company in terms of it’s shares. In other words, if you were to buy all the shares of a particular... Read more »

Difference Between Broker and Dealer

The stock market is a complex financial entity made up of many different businesses and participants. Brokers and dealers handles a large portion of stock market activities. Broker and dealers are people... Read more »

Types Of Preferred Stocks?

Companies raise capital in two primary ways. One way is to issue equity, which is known as stock, and the other is to incur debt, which is often done by selling bonds.... Read more »