Difference Between Short Sale And Foreclosure

Taking mortgage to buy a home and then repay the amount to bank or financial institution at regular installment has become a common practice these days. But most of the people cannot... Read more »

What Is Market Capitalization?

Market cap or market capitalization is simply the total worth of a company in terms of it’s shares. In other words, if you were to buy all the shares of a particular... Read more »

Difference Between Broker and Dealer

The stock market is a complex financial entity made up of many different businesses and participants. Brokers and dealers handles a large portion of stock market activities. Broker and dealers are people... Read more »

Types Of Preferred Stocks?

Companies raise capital in two primary ways. One way is to issue equity, which is known as stock, and the other is to incur debt, which is often done by selling bonds.... Read more »

What Is Capital Stock?

Capital stock is the total amount of stock authorized for issue by a corporation. In simple worlds it is the highest number of shares a particular company can issue. Capital stocks include... Read more »

What Is Day Trading?

Day Trading, also know as Intra-Day trading, is the system where traders buy’s financial securities and sell the same before the end of that day’s trading session. In other words it is... Read more »

What Is Margin Trading?

When an investor borrows money from his broker to buy stocks, the process is called margin trading. Margin is a way of increasing your purchasing power for investments. Buying on margin means... Read more »

Types Of Corporate Actions

Corporate actions are the actions initiated at the corporate level having material impact on the companies financial structure and ultimately the stakeholders who are the owners of company.  In other words corporate... Read more »

What Are Derivatives?

The term “Derivative” as the name indicate is a financial instrument that has no independent value, i.e. its value is entirely “derived” from the value of other financial instruments called as “underlying... Read more »

Overview Of United Stock Exchange (USE)

United Stock Exchange (USE) of India , is an Indian newest Stock Exchange. USE has launched its operations on 20th Sep 2010, after the final approval from the market regulator Stock Exchange... Read more »

What Is Stock Beta?

Beta is the statistical measure of the risk of an investment. Beta is a calculation that compares a stock’s historical performance against the overall performance of the entire stock market. Investors use... Read more »

Difference Between Call Option And Put Options

You must have heard about people making money from stocks. To make money with a stock, there are two basic options: buy it (call option) or sell it (put option). Call and... Read more »

What Is Sensex? What Is Nifty?

The Sensex and Nifty are “indexes”, index is basically an indicator which captures the price movement of shares. The full form of Sensex is Sensitive Index and of NIFTY National Fifty. It... Read more »

What Is Wash Trading In Stock Market?

Wash Trading is an illegal form of stock manipulation in which an investor simultaneously sells and buys shares in order to artificially increase trading volume and thus the stock price. It is... Read more »

What Is Option (In Finance)?

In finance, an option is a derivative financial instrument that establishes a contract between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a set price before a given date. The option... Read more »