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DDA Housing Scheme 2010 – Rs 5 lakh Compensation To DDA Allottees For Delay In Possession

DDA Housing Scheme 2010 : Delhi Development Authority (DDA) housing scheme 2010 offered approx. 16000 flats for which draw happened in the month of April 2011. But many allottees did not get there flat possession till date. Looking at the delay period of more than one year, now the state consumer commission has directed DDA to pay Rs 5 lakh to each allottee as compensation for the delay in possession of flats.

The payment of the flats has already been received in full by the DDA authority and transfer deed has also been executed but still the possession has not been given to the Allottees. Considering the loss that allottees are facing due to delay in flat possession, Delhi consumer commission has directed to give possession of the flats to the allottees within one month duration.

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dda housing scheme 2010

DDA is continuously delaying possession due to repair work without specifying the nature of repairs and date of completion. The compensation amount of Rs 5 lakhs has been decided considering the loss of rent/ Interest that allottees have faced due to delay in possession of flats by DDA. This amount will be paid to each allottee as lump-sum.

Flats allotted by DDA under housing scheme 2010 were at different locations in Delhi like Rohini, Dwarka, Narela, Molar Bandh, Vasant Kunj, Kondli Gharoli, Loknayak Puram, Jasola, Mukherjee Nagar, Bindapur, Motia Khan and Nasir Pur.

The list of allottees with flat number, floor, flat category and location is available on the official website of DDA. To check the same : CLICK HERE.

As per the official advertisement published by DDA, here is list of documents that allottees have to submit for possession of flats under DDA housing scheme 2010:-

  • A copy of the bank pass book or bank statement, attested by the Bank Manager from which the allotment money has been deposited along with Payment proof.
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Self Attested Copy of PAN Card
  • Conveyance deeds duly stamped from the office of collector of stamps (Blank Conveyance deeds would be sent to allottees along with the demand letter.)
  • Affidavit as per proforma given in Annexure-C, D & E.  (For Proforma – Click Here).
  • Undertakings as per proforma given in Annexure-F & G. (For Proforma – Click Here).
  • Duly filled possession letter in quadruplicate given in Annexure-H. (For Proforma – Click Here).
  • Photograph and three signatures of self and wife, if any, duly attested as per proforma given in Annexure- I. (For Proforma – Click Here).

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