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Delhi Government Launches DVAT BILL App To Make Citizens ‘VAT Inspectors’

In an attempt to boost tax collection and bring transparency, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Siodia has launched DVAT BILL app. As per Sisodia, by using this app, citizens can become ‘VAT inspectors’. The software has been developed by Trade and Taxes department of Delhi government.

“Today, technology gives power to any citizen to be as powerful as MLAs, minister or bureaucrat. We are extending the opportunity through this app,” Sisodia said. Read on to find more details on DVAT BILL app.


According to VAT Commissioner S S Yadav, the scheme would apply to bill or cash memo/retail invoice of not less than Rs. 100 for purchases made from a registered dealer in Delhi.

“To be eligible for the reward scheme, the taxable value of the goods purchased should not be less than Rs. 100,” Yadav said. ”The customer can upload the picture of bill/cash memo in the mobile or the send the snapshot of the bill on the application. A unique ID would be generated for each bill,” said Yadav.

The bill should have full name of each item purchased, rate of tax charged against each item as well as registration number (TIN) of the dealer. After the verification of purchases from the seller, the cash award would be transferred to the bank account of the customer though ward VAT inspector. Selection of winner will be through a computerized lucky draw which will be held on 15th of every month using unique ID’s generated against bill received by the department. The prize amount will be five times the value of items purchased (excluding tax), subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000. Notably, this scheme is not applicable on the purchase of motor vehicle, petroleum product and tax invoice taxation between dealer and embassy sales.

“By this app, we will catch those traders who are evading tax. I want to assure that honest traders who give tax on time don’t need to fear…we have decentralised the power from VAT officers to the entire Delhi resident,” added Sisodia.

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