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How To Enable Macros In MS Excel For Filing Income Tax eReturns?

Few days are left for you to file your Income Tax return as its last date is of 31st July (one who don’t get his books Audit) and if you haven’t file your IT return then you can file it online by just downloading a form then file and upload it back to website and you are done, but when you download form and open it on your MS Excel it might not work properly.

As those forms are not validated and don’t have any digital signature on it so some functions of that form will not work unless you enable Macro on your MS Excel. Enabling Macro on your Excel will allows any form or file to run codes, sometime it can be dangerous so you can again disable it once you are done with your eReturn form.

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So to enable Macro on different version of MS Office there are different methods, lets take a look on them:-

Enable Macros On MS Office 2003

Open your MS Excel 2003, Once its loaded click on Tools option from your toolbar and then click on Macro option and then click on Security sub-option.

enable macros

Then a dialog box will come up, Under Security Level Tab just select the Low (Not Recommended) option which will allows you to run any Macro without asking you anything, you can even set it as Medium in which it will ask you before running it.

Then click on Trusted Publishers Tab select Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box and close and run your Excel again and now you will be able to run all unsigned Macros.

Enable Macros in MS Office 2007 or 2010

Open your Excel 2007 or 2010, then click on Office button at top-left, then click on Option (2010) or Excel Options (2007).

excel office

and then a dialog box will appear, Click on Trust Center and then on Trust Centre Settings


Now another dialog box will appear and on it select Macro Settings in left sidebar, and then check the option Enable All Macros, then click OK and again OK and you are done.


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Enable Macros In Office 2013 (Preview Build)

If you had downloaded latest Beta version of upcoming Office suite, Office 12 or Office 2013 and wanna enable Macro on it then you can do it too.

The process is same as in 2007 or 2010, Click on File option, then click on Options and you will get an dialog box, select Trust Center and then click on Trust Center Settings


Then another dialog box will appear and select Macros Settings from left side and then click on Enable all Macros.


That’s it, now you can run all documents and then save an XML file which can be uploaded on ITR online website.

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