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EPF Withdrawal Process Simplified: All You Need To Know

Are you an EPF account holder? If yes, then we have a great  news to share with you. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has simplified the EPF withdrawal process by eliminating the need of employers signature or any other approval at the time of EPF withdrawal.

The EPF holders were earlier required to get the verification and attestation done by their employers that caused delay in the EPF withdrawal. The new simplified withdrawal process however, is quick and easy as it lets the EPF holders directly submit their forms and withdraw from their EPF account without the involvement of the employer.

If your Aadhaar and bank account details are linked to your UAN (Universal Account Number) as well as if your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is done by the employer, then you can withdraw directly from your bank account.

EPFO has introduced three new forms: 

  • Form 19 UAN :  You can use this form to withdraw EPF at the time of retirement, or when you leave the job. You will be allowed to withdraw money from your EPF account only if you are unemployed for 2 months.
  • Form 10-C UAN : This form is to be used to withdraw money from your EPS account. For those who are unaware, the EPS account is a separate account for your pension and is linked to your EPF. You can withdraw from your EPS account only if your EPF account is less than 10 years old.
  • Form 31 UAN : This form is to be used if you want to make a partial withdrawal from your Employees Provident Fund account for marriage, medical emergency or for buying a house.

If you want to withdraw your entire EPF, then you will have to fill two forms: 19 UAN and form 10-C and send both of them to the EPF Jurisdiction Office. If you want to withdraw partial EPF for the purpose of marriage, medical emergency or for buying house, then you will have to fill the form 31 UAN.

Requirements for filling the new EPF forms: 

You can fill the new EPF withdrawal forms only if you fulfill the following two conditions:

  • If you have an active UAN which is linked with your Aadhaar number.
  • Your KYC (Know Your Customer) and bank account number are verified by employer using digital signature.

EPF Withdrawal Process:

1. Ensure your UAN is active & KYC information is verified:

If you want to withdraw your EPF, then you must ensure your UAN is active and KYC is verified by your employer. To verify that you are eligible, you will have to take up these steps: Visit UAN website > Enter your details to Login > Go to Profile >  Update KYC information. If you happen to have more than one UAN assigned to you, then use the one given to you by your current employer.

2. Fill the new EPF withdrawal form:

Once you verify your UAN and KYC information, next step is to fill the EPF withdrawal form. You will be required to provide your mobile number, UAN number, date of leaving the job, reason for leaving service, PAN and complete postal address. You will also have to attach a cancelled cheque of the bank account mentioned in your UAN KYC information.

3. Send the filled form to the EPF Jurisdiction Office:

Last step is to submit the filled form along with the cancelled cheque by courier to the EPF office under your jurisdiction.

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