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How To Get Your CIBIL Record Corrected Online In Case Of Some Error?

Did you find inaccuracy in your CIBIL report? If yes, here we will discuss how you can get your CIBIL data corrected. Lets first see what kind of errors you can find on your CIBIL report. Before moving to find and correct your CIBIL record, first you need to apply for CIBIL Report Online.

Error/Mistake In Account Information

CIBIL get data from banks and financial institutions about your credit behavior on monthly basis. Data entry at bank or CIBIL can lead to some mistake in your financial records which can adversely affect your credit score like you did not pay your last loan installment of Rs 5000 but at the time of entering data by mistake it was entered as Rs 50,000. This type of errors can negatively impact your credit score. Likewise there are more aspects which directly or indirectly can impact your credit score due to inaccurate date in the records of CIBIL.

At the time of checking your credit score online, you should also check your financial details closely which includes your Loan Type, Account Type, Account Status, Date Of Last Payment, Current Balance, Amount Overdue, Ownership Type, Sanctioned Amount, Date Opened, Date Closed, High Credit and DPD/Asset Classification.

As every financial record has there own importance so it is advisable to closely verify every entry of your CIBIL record. As this data will act as base for your future loans, so check and get your data corrected in case of mistake.

Error/Mistakes In Basic Details

Like in case of account details there can be some error in your personal record like your Name, Address, Date Of Birth, Gender, Income Tax ID, Passport Number, Voter’s ID, Contact Number, State and PINJ Code. Small spelling mistake can also create trouble for you. Mismatch of details in your document and CIBIL record may stuck your loan approval in-between.

Every personal record has its own importance, so it advisable to closely verify your personal details and get your data corrected in case of mistake.

Incorrect/Duplicate Entry

If you find some data entry that you are not aware of, you should be vigilant as this can either be a mistake or some financial transaction happened on your name without your knowledge. This is very serious you should verify and get the details of the transaction.

There can also be some duplicacy od records in your CIBIL report, if you find any duplicate record you should get the same corrected.

Steps To Correct Your CIBIL Report Online

To get cibil report, one can apply online likewise cibil has a setup for handling errors in CIBIL Credit Report which is known as ‘Dispute Resolution’.

  • To start with, customer should visit the official website of cibil i.e
  • On the home page, you can find the link ‘Dispute Resolution’, click on the link to open the page.
  • Here you will see what all type of mistakes can be catered at your CIBIL report using this platform.
  • Read the details and then click on the Button ‘Click Here To Raise An Online Dispute’.
  • This will take you to an ‘Online Dispute Form’
  • Now you need to fill all the mandatory fields with accurate data like in Personal Detail Section Enter Your First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth, Gender, Address, City/District, State, PIN, Mobile, Telephone, Email ID.
  • Fill all mandatory fields in Dispute details section like your
    • Control number (nine digit unique number reflecting on the top right corner of your CIR report).
    • Date of Report (You should raise your dispute within 60 days from generating your CIR report).
    • Reason of dispute (Enter member name and account number which belongs to the dispute along with the details of the dispute)
  • Enter the characters in the image in the text box given below and press SUBMIT button to submit your request.
  • On successful submission of your dispute you will get a Dispute ID which you can use for future reference.

cibil_dispute form

Steps To Be Taken By CIBIL To Correct Your Data

On submission of Dispute form, CIBIL varies your data in their record with the one you provided and make correction if they find some mistake at their end. But in case it is not the case, then they raise a verification request at the bank or financial institution which provides your data to CIBIL. After verification from your bank, CIBIL will update your record with correct data provided by your bank.

This process usually takes 30 days to resolve your requested dispute. You can see the status of your CIBIL report only by applying for your CIR again as there is no way to check the status of your dispute.

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