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Fake CBSE Page On Facebook – Be Careful

Facebook has become very popular across world, which no doubt help people connect with each other and stay updated. But now things are taking bad picture too, like the issue spotted by the government of India about objectionable content on popular social networking websites like Facebook. The another problem which is becoming common is Fake Facebook page.

fake cbse facebook page

Recently a Fake CBSE Facebook Page has been spotted which has been created by an unknown Facebook user. This Facebook page looks real as it carries the official logo of the CBSE and registered as Government Organization. But according to CBSE they have not created any such page on Facebook. Which means this real looking Facebook page is Fake and doesn’t belong to CBSE.

Currently more than 3000 users have liked this Fake Facebook page and lots of people are quite active on this page. This seems like nobody have any control on these social networking sites which is causing such unethical incidents on the name of government entities too.

Although till information shared on this website been true but it is been advised not to trust this website blindly as this is not an authorized government facebook page.

Government of India is open to block such websites which fail to comply with the law like Facebook/Google etc.

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