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Here’s why 2019 is the best time to invest in gold coins

When to invest in gold?

Gold is a metal that has long gotten associated with opulence. It is one of the major options in gifting loved ones during the special occasions and the festive seasons. During the festivals like Diwali and Dhanteras, people gift gold to their near and dear ones. It gets seen that gold as a gift gets not mainly given as jewelry but rather as coins. The value of gold generally soars during these times as the demand is high. An increasing number of people check the prices of gold during this time.

Purity factor of gold coins

There are two main ways to measure the purity factor of gold coins. These are fineness and carat. Carat is the most widely known measure of the purity of gold. The purest form of gold gets considered 24 Carat. It contains 24 out of 24 parts of gold. You can get an idea of the purity of gold by this measure. For instance, a gold coin of 22 carats will have 22 parts of gold, and the rest of the two parts will have other metals like silver or zinc in it. These other metals will make it more durable than others in nature.

Fineness is a major parameter to measure purity. The experts will tell you that even the purest form of gold contains some amounts of impurities mixed in it that even the manufacturers are not able to remove. Fineness is the weight of precious metal in relation to total weight.

The hallmarking of gold coins and jewelry

The Government of India has the Bureau of Indian Standards that ensure consumers do not get cheated when they are buying gold. The Bureau of Indian Standards certifies gold jewelry and coins by embossing the mark on the item to certify the purity level of the gold item. When you buy the gold jewelry or coin, there are five things that you will see marked on the item. You will see the fineness number, carat, hallmark logo and year of marking

If you are checking the gold coin price in India graph before buying any gift, there is one thing that you must know. The Bureau of Indian Standards does not certify or mark the gold that is 24 carats. But you can take the gold to the labs and get it checked if you doubt the purity.

You can check the rate of gold on the internet before going to make the jewelry or coins. The makers charge the price according to the current rate of gold in the market. You can make an estimate on how much the cost is going to be depending on the carat.

Though the benefits of investing in gold remain the same throughout the year, the best time to invest in gold changes every year, while investing in gold, there are certain factors which affect the price of gold. If you look back at the price history of Gold, you will find that most of the people invest in gold right from the beginning of the year which is January. But if you survey it precisely, you will find that January is not the best time of the year to invest in gold.

When to invest in gold?

The price of Gold tends to surge on the first two months of the year. And the price gradually starts falling post-spring and starts rising again after it. So, from the survey, it is clear that the best time to invest in gold is early April or in July. But, it is vital for you to know that the best time to invest in gold changes from year to year. If you go through the yearly graph regarding the rise and fall of gold value, you will find that in the month when the price of gold was low have surged up the next year in the same month.

In general, January is considered as the best time to invest in Gold. But even if you have missed investing in gold in January, then it is no big deal as you can even buy it in March as history proves that March is the best time of the year when the value of Gold is at its highest and starts falling soon after that. And as per experts, this year is considered as one of the best years for you to invest in gold.

The inflation and real rates of gold are meant to be rising in the year 2019. As per the report by the COT, 2019 will witness the value of the Euro is moving towards a neutral position. It is reported that the price of Gold will not be going lower than $1200 for the whole year. Moreover, it is predicted the price will keep on rising throughout the year and will go higher from the mid of the year.

The benefits of investing in gold have been well known to man for years. One can acquire an ample amount of benefits throughout the year if they have invested in gold. But to get the best return, it is vital for them to invest in the right time of the year. And 2019 is one of the best years in recent years when you can invest in gold for the maximum return.

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