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Struggling To Get The Status Of Your EPF Withdrawal Or EPF Transfer Request? – File An RTI For EPF

Countless number of people are following up with the EPFO to know the status of their request for withdraw or transfer their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) fund. The unreasonable delay in processing of request for status enquiry, withdrawal or transfer make people frustrate. So is there anything that can help all of us to get the exact status of the pending request lying with the EPFO? Here we are talking about a sure shot way to get update on our pending request with EPFO i.e filing an RTI for EPF.

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How To File Right To Information (RTI) For EPFO Status Enquiry?

Right To Information (RTI) is a service offered by the government of India to common people to get information from any government office. As EPFO also come under RTI horizon, so you can file RTI application to get any details about your EPF and you will get your desired data within 30 days from the date of receipt of application. So if are struggling a lot to get the status of your EPF transfer or EPF withdrawal then you should file an RTI application and mention all your queries and you will get accurate details around your query with in 30 days.

EPFO has an EPF Grievance Redressal Cell which take care of your grievances. So it is always better to launch your complaint with EPFO before filing RTI.

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Sample OF RTI Application/Letter For EPFO Withdrawal or Transfer

rti for EPF

To file RTI for EPF, follow following steps in order:-

I – Deposit Application Fee

You can deposit your application fee of Rs 10 either by Demand draft/ Bankers Cheque, Postal Order, Money Order, etc. The most commonly used method for fee payment for RTI application is Postal Order, where you can visit your nearest post office and buy a postal order in favour of of the Concerned EPFO Office for Rs 10. For Example – For EPFO Delhi, the postal order should be in favour of EPFO Delhi.

II : Draft Your RTI Letter

Download RTI Application Format For EPF

List down all your EPF related queries on a A4 size paper. As such there no formal format for writing RTI application but there are few things that you should keen in mind while writing for RTI application.The letter should be addressed  TO:-

Central Public Information Officer (CPIO),

Office of Provident Fund Commissioner,

Employees Provident Fund Organisation

(Mention Concerned PF office address).

Refer to this EPFO directory for exact address of PF office for your jurisdiction.

  • SUBJECT LINE FOR RTI APPLICATION :- ”Application For Obtaining Information under Right To Information Act 2005″
  • Mention your Name, PF Account Number, Full Address, Contact Number and your Email id.
  • Then list down all your EPF related queries in a bulleted format.
  • Then mention the proof of application fee –  I enclose herewith Indian Postal Order No.____________ dated ______for Rs.10/- favouring “Accounts Officer OF EPFO” as application fee.
  • Then write a self declaration :- ”I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. I request you to ensure that the information is provided before the expiry of the 30 day period after you have received the application”
  • Lastly put the date, place and your Signatures.
  • Sign the letter and Put your Postal address
  • Mention the payment details like Postal order number, issuing post office, date, cash receipt details, etc., towards the end of your application.

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III : Dispatch The RTI Application By Registered /Speed Post

Finally dispatch your RTI application by Registered/ Speed post only, as couriers are not acceptable to your concerned EPFO office.

rti1 for EPF

RTI Application For Transfer Of EPF

RTI application for transfer involves two EPF offices, so in case to check the status of your EPF transfer you may have to file two RTI applications one at the source office and other at the target office. For example – if you have changed your job from Hyderabad to Delhi, then you first have to file an RTI application to your source EPF office i.e Hyderabad to know the status of your EPF transfer, if you find your application has been accepted and processed there then you need to file another RTI at your target office i.e Delhi to know the status of your transfer. While filing second RTI you must mention the response you got from your first RTI.

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Online RTI Filing

One can also file RTI application online @ (NRI’s and resident citizens). You can visit the website, fill the application form, download it, sign it, scan and send it back to EPFO office by ordinary post. Application fees is Rs 150.

Important Points While Filing RTI Application

When you file an RTI for EPF, there are some very important points you should remember, because incase you don’t take care of some very critical points, it would mean rejection of your application and unnecessary work again. Here are some important points:

  • Address your RTI application to PIO, do not address the PIO by his name, as transfer of current PIO can lead to unanswered application.
  • Check your EPF status before filing RTI
  • Be precise while putting your queries across, don’t write very big points as few states reject your application above a specified word limit.
  • Check the application fees for RTI as it varies from state to state.
  • Take a photocopy of the RTI form before dispatching for further reference.
  • Attach proof of documents (if required) with the RTI application (RTI for EPF).

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