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How To Keep Financial And Other Important Documents Safe

It is very important for all of us to keep our financial and other documents safe and protected from misuse. Moreover, if our documents are safe and if we need them in future, then we can access them easily and in time too.

Many of us still follow the old school of keeping the  documents safe. We put the hard copies of documents in files and put those files in drawers. This conventional method involves a lot of risks of loosing the documents. The risks involved include theft, fire, flood and more. Once your crucial documents are lost, you will have to follow a long process to get duplicate copies of your documents. With all these risks involved, does this method of keeping documents safe sound good at all in this technological era? If this doesn’t sound cool, then we have a lot of other ways which can help you keep your documents safe and secure.

Keep Documents Safe

What Are The Safest Methods To Keep Documents Safe

Here are various methods and tips which will help you keep your financial and other documents safe:

  • Keep Documents On Cloud

There are tons of cloud based services like DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and more, which give free online space to you where you can store your crucial documents. Once your documents are on cloud, you can access them from anywhere and anytime.

  • Keep Documents On CD or DVD

It’s a very old method but it’s effective too. You can keep documents on a CD or DVD and put them in your bank locker. CD’s and DVD’s take very less space compared to hard copies of documents. You can also prefer a pen-drive to keep a soft copy of your important documents.

  • Keep Documents In Bank Locker

All banks across the country provide locker facility. You can ask your bank to avail it. While availing locker, you must ask your bank to provide a locker which is at least few feet above the floor so that if there is flood or any other such calamity, then your documents will be safe.

  • Always Keep A Scanned Copy

It is always recommended that you scan your document and keep at least one scanned hard copy of all your important documents. Keep these scanned copies in such place where they are easy to access and you can locate them easily if you need them.

  • Don’t Put Documents On Shared Computer

Do not keep your documents on a computer which you share with others like in your office or even at home. Keeping a copy on shared document may let others get an easy access to your documents and make changes to them. If you share your computer with others, then you can use some tools which can encrypt your documents such that others wont be able to access your documents.

  • Keep Photocopy Of Documents With You 

You should also keep at least one copy of all your important documents with you. No matter you had scanned them or they are in your bank locker but it is advisable to have a photocopy with you.

  • Keep Two Sets Of Photocopies Attested By A Gazetted Officer

It is advisable to get 2 photocopies of your documents attested by any gazetted officer. It will work as your life saver if you loose your documents as these attested documents will have very high value when you ask for duplicate one.

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