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How To Reactivate Inoperative/Dormant Bank Account

Has it been more than two years since you made any transaction in your bank account? If your answer is yes, then this can land you up in trouble by making your bank account inactive or dormant. People who have more than one bank accounts, often neglect one account or the other which makes that bank account dormant. If you are one of those whose bank account has become inactive, then we are here to help you.

In order to save yourself from future hassle, you need to reactivate that account immediately. To save you from trouble, we have mentioned simple steps on how to reactivate inoperative/dormant account.

Reactivate Inoperative/Dormant Bank Account

What Is A Dormant Account?

If you have not made any transaction in your bank account for two years except interest credited by the bank, such account will be classified as inactive or dormant by the bank. Once the account is inactive, you will not be able to operate that account for withdrawing money etc. unless you get it reactivated.

Things To Remember

  • Only savings and current bank accounts can become dormant.
  • If there has not been any transaction in your bank account for more than two years, except interest payments credited by your bank, it will become dormant.

How To Reactivate Inoperative/Dormant Bank Account?

Although there is no set procedure to reactivate inoperative/dormant  bank account, yet the steps listed below will help you get it reactivated immediately.

  • No Standard Procedure

There is no standard procedure for reactivation of dormant account. The procedure may  vary from bank to bank. Reactivation of a dormant account will be similar to opening of a new account. For reactivation of inactive account, you will be required to visit the bank in person.

  • Write An Application

You will be required to provide a written application to the bank. The application must be signed  by all joint account holders. It should be addressed to the bank manager and include  the reason why there has not been any transaction since two years.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer)

You will need to carry few documents with you for reactivation of an inactive account. The documents include address proof, identity proof, PAN, residence proof and recent passport size photographs.

  • Deposit Amount

You may have to deposit certain amount of money to reactivate your bank account.

  • ATM cards, Cheque Book & Pass Book

If you have your old cheque books, pass books or ATM cards, then it is better to carry them to the bank since you may be asked to surrender them.

  • Charges

Reactivation of an inactive account doesn’t require you to pay any charges.

How To Avoid Bank Account From Becoming Inactive

In order to save your bank account from becoming dormant, you will have to make at least one transaction a year. The transaction could be either offline or online.

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