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Insurance Against Hacking For Your Social Media Account

Social media account hacking is becoming a process completed within seconds for hackers. Though this was not an issue few years back. But now, with the advancement in technology for better information, problems are also arising at the same pace. Facebook reports lakhs of accounts hacking issues in a day. Similarly, Twitter is also facing the problem of hacking which is increasing day by day.

ALLOW, a UK based company, gave a wonderful solution to the problem. The company has launched an insurance policy for your social media account to protect you against identity theft, reputation damage through social media and any other problem arising due to account hacking. Justin Basini, CEO of ALLOW, said that “Every internet user faces a certain level of risk that one day a digital criminal will target them or that they will suffer damage to their reputation.”

Insurance against hacking

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As reported in cases related to social media, facebook, twitter and linkedin account effects both your personal and professional life. So, their protection is must. The scheme is available in the monthly payment of 3.99 pounds. This will be the payment for the legal advice and support if someone suffers an online attack and seeks some form of redress. Now, every user have the question that how is their account protected in technical terms? The company allows the insured account users to keep a track on how their data is used online. By tracking the data usage, your can actually know if someone has misused any information. Also, you can monitor who is the actual culprit.

You can have various benefits under this insurance scheme. The company will help you to suppress offensive material. Any help to stop the legal action due to hacking and also the cost of disabling accounts will be paid. The payment for the scheme are as 10,000 pounds in professional fees and ancillary costs. Also, 3,500 pounds are paid for any reputational damage to subscriber.

This type of insurance is first time provided by any company. The users can now enjoy on social media accounts without any tension through this insurance policy.

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