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Insurance Policies For Women In India

There was a time when all insurance companies want to sell there policies only to men, as in earlier days men was the only earner in family and role of women was just to stay inside four walls and take care of all household stuff and that’s it. But time is changed now, women has step outside the home and they are giving competition to men in all sectors of work, Nowadays women can do and even doing almost all task which earlier was reserved for men only.

By seeing this, insurance companies has also changed their mind set and now they are targeting women too for insurance. Generally insurance company may categorize any women on the basis of her income :-

  • Income from salary,
  • Income from Interest, Dividend and so on,
  • Women with no income.

Well in first two cases women get insurance as similar to men, but in third case the insurance of women is depend upon the insurance got by her husband and income he gets, in total a women with no income cant get insurance cover bigger than of her husband.

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In special women insurance, companies cover some critical diseases which can be found in women only like Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer and so on.

In insurance, women get all such covers which a men can get in such types of insurance like accident cover, medical insurance and so on. But in some policies they got some special treatment like critical female illnesses, Congenital Disability and so on.

Most insurance policies also covers the pregnancy of the women and any wrong thing happen during or after delivery, like they can cover any dieses in new born child, any disability in newly born child, deformity, malformation or so on.

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But we should keep in mind that no insurance company will allow you to take policy after 20 weeks of pregnancy, so you should take it before 20 weeks else you wont get cover, if due to any worst thing happen and mother dies so you wont get cover, if there is any miscarriage, any defect else than congenital then it wont be covered and if newly born child get any health problem after 200 days then you wont get any cover too.

There are lots of insurance policies which are for women, Some best are as follows like :-

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