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Know All About Maternity Insurance Policies In India

It has been found people generally opt for various health insurance policies but when it comes to maternity insurance, many people are just not aware about it. And times it is also ignored. Every mother wants their child to healthy from the birth itself. And to make the delivery more healthier and easier, maternity insurance is a very good option. It has been found that the general reason of unhealthy pregnancy is the improper or lesser medical facilities available to the pregnant women.

What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity insurance is the insurance policy which includes the cost from time of delivery to the hospitalization charges after that. It includes all the major costs of the pregnancy. Many companies also design the policy to cover the pre-natal charges as well. The upper limit of the charges that can be claimed is generally fixed.

Benefits that are covered under the policy:

  • All the major examinations, hospital facilities and ultrasound etc. are part of the policy.
  • The pregnancy becomes free from the tensions atleast on the cost grounds.
  • It can be included within your other health insurance policy with the different options attached in the package.

Policy does not include:

The unfortunate termination of pregnancy in the early stage is not covered under the insurance. Also, the pregnancy within the nine months of buying of the insurance policy can not be claimed. This period is known as waiting period. This waiting period may vary in different insurance providers. It may also be ten or twelve months in very few cases but is present in most of the cases. But sometimes policy is designed to take special care of Premature Delivery. So, you should note the terms and conditions related to waiting period. The medication and routine medical checkups are generally not covered.

Maternity Insurance

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Premium of the insurance:

The exact figure cannot be quoted as there are many factors affecting the value. It is based upon the reputation and risk related to the company. The number of employees and their age group included in the group insurance also varies the value.

Some examples which might be beneficial for you:

Maternity Insurance has been generally found to be more helpful for working women. The reason for this is: it is included in the medical insurance plan of large number of companies specially in the IT and Pharma sector. The well known maternity insurance available in the market are provided by ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Cholamandalam General Insurance, Apollo DKV, Star Health and many others.

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