How Can You Find the MICR Code Using the ?

All you need to do is know the name of your bank and branch. Just use the box to enter the bank name and select the branch accordingly. The drop down list will then help you find the correct MICR Code of your bank branch. You can also get the complete details of all the branch by entering Bank MICR Code.

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What is MICR Code

MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition technology which helps in processing of cheques faster. Every bank branch is given a unique MICR code and this helps the RBI to identify the bank branch and speed up the cheque clearing process. It is a code designed to identify the particular branch participating in an Electronic Clearing System (ECS).

What does MICR code indicate

Actually, MICR is the name given to the technology used in printing the code. Without this code a cheque would be invalid for payment processing.

Where is MICR technology used

MICR technology is mainly used by banks. Numbers and characters found on the bottom of cheques, which generally includes the cheque number, sort number and account number are printed using Magnetic Ink. To print Magnetic Ink, one would need a laser printer that accepts MICR toner.

Prior to the usage of this technology, the banking industry used normal cheques which had to be cleared manually and thus, would require a lot of time. But with the introduction of the MICR character-recognition technology the processing of cheques was done electronically therefore making the whole process much faster.

Is MICR code same as Swift code

SWIFT code is short for an even longer acronym known as SWIFT/BIC - Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication/ Bank Identifier Code. While, MICR code stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition code. SWIFT code enables online international wire transfers between two banks of two different countries, whereas MICR code is used for processing cheques issued by a bank.

How is MICR code different from IFSC code

While IFSC code is used for transferring funds online within India, MICR is used to speed up the cheque clearing process.

What are the advantages of MICR

Two main advantages of using MICR cheques are:

  • Quick processing and reduced cheque clearing time
  • Reduced cheque related fraudulent activities


In a cheque, the MICR band area is 0.625 inches (1.59 cm) measured from the bottom edge of the cheque. In the MICR band, the use of magnetic ink is restricted to the printing of the prescribed number of characters. The MICR area contains the following information:

  • Cheque Serial Number: 7 characters
  • Routing Number: 9 characters(Bank Code: 3, District code: 2, Branch Code: 3, Cheque Digit: 1)
  • Account Number: 13 characters
  • Transaction Code: 2 characters

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