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Easy And Fast Ways To Book Train Tickets From Mobile On The Go

In India trains are the most widely used, most of the people across the India use trains for travelling from one place to another, as they are cheaper and fast ways for travelling, but nowadays everyone is busy and they don’t have much time to go and stand in queue to book train tickets for their travelling.

You can use computer’s to book your train tickets but to use this you need to be on a computer system and many time you wont be able to access computer or you are travelling and on the go and need to book tickets then how can you do this? Well the simple way is to use your mobile phone to book tickets.

So today I am going to tell you 3 easy ways to book train tickets via your GPRS enabled mobile phone.


In our list first is PayMate mobile app which allows you to book train tickets via your mobile phone, this app is easy to use and it allows you to book tickets, check the availability and fares, check your PNR status, find stations, find train by its code, cancel E-tickets and many more.

To book ticket using PayMat :-

  • First visit the below link and then on the page you will see a box at top-right corner of the page,
  • Just enter your mobile number on that page,
  • After some time you will get a sms from PayMate containing link to download app,
  • Once app is downloaded and installed open it,
  • Once you open you will see many option there, just select whatever you want, suppose you selected Book E-Ticket,


  • It will ask all information regarding the booking like Train code, station code, passenger name, Class to which you wanna travel, Age and Gender.
  • You can pay for the tickets you book on the PayMate app by using PayMate or Giftmate. Credit Cards and Debit Cards are to be launched soon.
  • Then your e-ticket will be mailed to you at the email id which you will enter at the time of transaction.
  • You need to take a print out of it and take it with you while travelling.
To Download Visit : PayMate

Another way to book train tickets via phone in our list is of NgPay app, its too simple to use app which is supported by almost any mobile handset and across all networks in India. Using it you can book all travel tickets, movie tickets, send gifts or do your shopping – easily and securely – from your handset.

It provide services like :-

  • Reservation of Tickets
  • Check PNR Status
  • Cancellation
  • File for TDR
  • Email eTicket
  • Check Booking History
  • Ticket Refund Details
  • Train Route

How to Use NgPay :-

  • To book tickets using NgPay you need to download its app first,
  • To download sms ngpay to 56767 or just visit from your mobile phone and download the app,
  • Once you had downloaded open the app and the navigate to Stores++ –> IRCTC,


  • Now select Reservations and then you need to fill up a simple form which will ask your travelling details like  Stations between which you wanna travel, date of travelling, number of passenger and number of seats.

image image

  • Now at last select the mode of payment, you had options like Debit card, Credit Card, Cash Cards and Bank Account.
  • On successful booking, the e-Ticket will be sent to you by ngpay on the email address provided at the time of transaction.
Visit : NgPay

This is the last one in our list, like other 2 one this also works on almost all mobile phones out there in India, atom is a Simple and Secure Mobile Commerce platform which enables you to buy IRCTC tickets and make payments for host of other services by using your mobile phone.

How to use it :-

  • First you need to download this app, for this just send a sms atom to 54959 and then you will get a sms containing link to download app,
  • Once you had downloaded app and installed it, the first time you run it, you need to register for it, just fill up the details whatever it ask,
  • Once you had registered navigate to Service tab and then choose Travel and then IRCTC,


  • Now you need to enter all details regarding your travelling which will be used to generate your e-ticket, like Age, Name, Stations and so on.
  • You can pay for the tickets by using your credit and debit cards.
  • Once your transaction is completed you will get instant SMS and e-ticket will be delivered to your email.
To Download, Register  and Transact Visit : Atom

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