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Now UID Cards Will Be Engraved Polyvinyl Cards Instead Of Printed Paper Cards

Government of India has now decided to issue polyvinyl cards which will contain the unique 12 digit UID number engraved in the barcode format instead of the paper card with government logo and printed 12 digit Aadhaar number.

Earlier the citizens enrolled for the Aadhaar has received there UID in the form of a laminated Identity cards via post. Now with the vision to accelerate financial inclusion of these cards, the unique 12 digit number will be engraved in the barcode format as this can be swiped at banks, tellers or business correspondents for transactions.


This card will be dispatched, pasted on the Aadhaar letter at the applicant address entered at the time of enrollment. This will help government to execute the key mission of the scheme by providing benefits of the government welfare schemes and subsidies to the target population.

As per the new tender, the Aadhaar card will carry a colored photograph of the applicant and will be engraved with two sets of barcodes i.e. linear and matrix. Former i.e the linear barcode will contain the unique 12-digit Aadhaar number of the applicant. Matrix or QR barcode will contain the rest of the details like applicants name, address, date of birth, name of a parent or guardian, age and gender.

Approximately 10 lakh cards will be printed each day and will be dispatched by Indian Post to reach the intended applicant within eight days of printing.

Source :- TOI

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  1. hi can i know whether i can laminate the uidai card issued to me as it is not a polyvinly card and where and how can i use the card reply soon thank you

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