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Final Day to Avail Pre-GST Offers: Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

There are a number of products on which their makers are offering pre-GST discounts and offers. With GST set to be rolled out in India at midnight tonight, you may wonder whether you should avail a pre-GST offer or not. After all, a number of products will become cheaper once GST comes into effect. You will be weighing the savings you can avail on pre-GST and post-GST prices. Also, for goods whose prices go up once GST comes into effect, you may think that availing pre-GST offers on them will be a nice idea. But should you do so? Let’s find out.

Pre-GST Offers – Why You Should Avail Them

Pre-GST offers have been out on a number of products. With GST rollout slated for midnight tonight, these offers stand for just a few more hours. If you are thinking about availing such offers, the idea is nice. Firstly, you are getting good products for less price than what you would have paid for them a few months ago. Also, you never know if manufacturers decide to increase their products’ pricing post GST. Ultimately, when manufacturers can save tax money on their products, who says they will not consider gunning for higher profit margins on their products.

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Pre-GST Offers – Why You Should Not Avail Them

Given the fact that pre-GST discounts are quite the rage, not opting for them should be something worth considering for you. Why so? Firstly, the amount of money you will save in these pre-GST offers is almost the same as what the products’ revised prices will be post-GST. Secondly, it is true that prices may increase later. However, to increase products’ prices later, manufacturers will have to offer something extra in them. So, don’t mistake it as just a stock-clearing strategy by companies. Do consider the fact that tomorrow, the same product you bought under a pre-GST offer may come in a better form for a little higher price. Would you want to see yourself in such a state?

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So, What Should You Do?

It is a difficult decision to go either way. There are pros and cons in either direction. What can be said for sure is that these pre-GST offers sure seem tempting and you don’t stand to lose much. But these are offered on products whose prices will come down when GST comes into force. So, the real question is not to ask which way you should go. The real question – should you take these offers seriously? After all, what you stand to save today with an offer is equal to what you save tomorrow when the prices of a product come down tomorrow.

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