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Now Recharge Your Delhi Metro Smart Card Online- Step by Step Guide

If you are a smart card user of Delhi metro than you don’t need to stand in queue to recharge your metro card anymore. This online facility allows you to recharge your smart card anytime anywhere using Debit or credit card. As of now the facility of net banking is not there to top up smart card for Delhi metro.

You can top up your metro card online through the official websites of Delhi metro i.e. and

To make sure that the recharge you have is successfully added to your card you can check the balance of your smart card via Ticket Reader-cum-Add Value machines which are installed at every metro station.

To Recharge Your Metro Smart Card Follow the steps below:-

metro smart card recharge online

  • On clicking ‘Enter Amount’ you will see an instruction i.e  Enter correct Engraved Id to get the recharge amount in your Metro smart card.

Metro Card Engraved ID

  • Click OK to move ahead.
  • Enter Engraved ID, Value Amount, and Email ID. Engraved Id is the 10 digit number printed on the top right corner of your Metro smart Card.
  • Enter the amount that you want to top up your smart card with.
    • The minimum amount that you can recharge online is Rs 100.
    • You can enter any value in multiple of Rs 50.
  • Enter your valid email ID and press the Next Button.

metro card quick top up

  • You can choose one out of Debit/ Credit card to make the payment. [ As Net Banking is currently not working.]

metro card debit card top up

  • Here we have selected ‘Debit Card’ to make the payment of Rs 100 for my metro card recharge.
  • From thereon you will move to the payment gateway i.e ICICI bank which has partnered with DMRC to provide a safe platform for collection of online payments.
  • Enter the required details of your card to make the payment.

metro card top up payment gateway

  • Click on Pay button to make the payment online.
  • You will receive a message of transaction successful message on your screen with a message that your request will be entertained in 24 hours. You are requested to show your smart card at AVM (Add Value Machine) and Press Add Value Button on ‘AVM’ screen to complete the recharge process.

Metro Smart card payment sucessful

Here is a list of Metro Station where you can find AVM machine installed.

Metro Stations with AVM machine

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