7 Reasons Why Your Cheque Is Dishonoured

7 Reasons Why Your Cheque Is Dishonoured

Issuing cheques is a very convenient method of making payments. What it requires is just writing the date, amount of money to be paid, name of the person who is to be paid to... Read more »

CTS 2010 Cheques : Now Use Your Old Cheque Book Till 31st March 2013

Reconsidering the date for the implementation of CTS 2010,  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has extended the deadline to April 01st,  2013. In earlier notification, RBI has instructed banks to implement the... Read more »

Your Present Cheque Book May Not Be Valid After March 31, 2013 – Get Your New Cheque Book

Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has issued some guideline regarding the format of the cheques issued by the banks in India. Considering the changes suggested by RBI, banks have already started issuing... Read more »

What Are The Different Modes Of Crossing Of Cheques?

We already know ‘What is a cheque? What are the different types of cheque?’. Here we are broadly classifying the types of cheques as open cheques or uncrossed cheques and crossed cheques.... Read more »

Difference Between Money Order & Cashier’s Cheque

Cashier check and money order are physical instruments used to transfer funds from one party to another by personally handing them, sending via postal/courier service and clearing them through bank accounts for... Read more »

Difference Between Cheque And Promissory Note

In business there are several payments made in a single day and it is not possible to make use of cash all the time. So to eliminate the risk of carrying cash... Read more »
Online Money Transfer

Overview : Automated Clearing House

With the growth of economy, the volume of non-cash retail and commercial payment has replaced the earlier paper based payment methods like cheques etc. ACH is one of the most popular network... Read more »

What Is Speed Clearing?

Speed Clearing refers to collection of outstation cheques through local clearing. In simple words, speed clearing means processing of outstation cheques electronically and without movement of cheques from the presentation centre (city... Read more »