ITR Filing: Mistakes to Avoid Getting Tax Notice

Income Tax Return (ITR) filing can be quite a dreary process for most people. It’s even duller for people who have a substantial number of investments. ITR filing involves a number of... Read more »

7 Ways to Verify Your Income Tax Return (ITR)

Did you file your Income Tax Return (ITR) on time and think that your job is done? Well, it is not over yet. The government of India has made ITR verification mandatory.... Read more »

What is TDS? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

TDS or Tax Deductible at Source is a big confusion point for a lot of taxpayers. What is TDS, how is it calculated and how is it deducted are some questions users have in... Read more »

Prosecution Of Tax Defaulters Amounting To 75 During Previous Financial Year

Now finally it seems that the government won’t be taking the prosecution of tax defaulters lightly. The income tax department has ushered in prosecution in almost 7,700 cases during 2017-18. This is... Read more »

Form 26AS – Here’s All You Need To Know About IT

The deadline to file your income tax for assessment year 2016-2017 nears. At such a time, knowing the amount of tax you need to pay can be helpful. It will help you... Read more »

Read This To Optimise Your CTC And Save Tax

You pay the biggest amount of money on Income Tax, as compared to other taxes. After all, the other times when you are paying taxes is when you are buying goods and services. On... Read more »

Have Medical Issues? Then You Can Claim Tax Deductions

Tax deduction is a topic which covers a number of issues. Some of these issues are related to a person’s medical conditions. For example, if you or one of your family members... Read more »

Trying To Save Tax Early In Your Career? Use These 5 Tips

Tax is something you cannot avoid. From being levied on everything you buy to your earnings, taxes are everywhere. However, that does not mean you have to just give up. While you... Read more »
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Filing Income Tax Will Be Easier In 2017

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Rs 500, Rs 1000 Notes Banned: All You Need To Know

In a move to curb black money, corruption and spread of counterfeit currency notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced demonetization of Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes. While Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupee notes... Read more »
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Investment Appraisal Guide: Methods & Techniques

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One Rank One Pension Scheme For Ex-Servicemen: All You Need To Know

One Rank One Pension (OROP). Does this phrase seem known to you? OROP is a very common phrase which must have heard lately on news channels. This demand of One Rank One Pension is... Read more »