DIN : A Unique Number For Taxation Purpose

The Income Tax (IT) department has come up with an additional identification number i.e DIN for tax payers after PAN Card. DIN is Document Identification Number, it is an another identification number... Read more »

Check Income Tax Slabs & Rates For Current Financial Year (FY)

The income tax slabs / brackets and the income tax rates changes every year. Knowing Income tax slab for the current year helps us evaluate our income tax liability for the year.... Read more »

Tax Exemptions As Per Income Tax Act 1961

Every income is taxable under income tax law, whether it is received in cash or in kind, whether it is capital or revenue income, but still some incomes are given exemption from... Read more »

What Is Gearing In Finance?

GEARING is the proportion of the capital employed in a company that is financed by lenders rather than shareholders. In simple terms, explains how a company finances its operations either through lenders... Read more »

HNI/HNWI – Define High Net Worth Individual Or Investors

High net worth individual (HNWI or HNI) are generally rich or wealthy people with more money and assets, traditionally these people were called as millionaires or billionaires but these days the term... Read more »