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What Is A Gift Card? How It Can Help You Get Rid Of Boring Gifts

How many times does it happen that your friend/ spouse/ parents or your kids have birthdays in the next few days but you don’t know what to gift them. You are afraid that whether they will like your gift or not. You might have some ideas in mind but you are not sure whether to gift that thing or not.

Perhaps most of us have faced this situation at least one time in our life. Well, if you want a solution for this, then we are here to help you. Instead of spending a lot of time in deciding what to gift, you can use a Gift Card. It is a card, which has some predefined balance in it, just like you have on your Debit card. Each time you purchase with it, the same amount gets deducted from it.

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You can gift a gift card to anyone on various occasions (such as birthdays, anniversaries and marriages) and then let them do shopping and purchase whatever they like. This will help you stay away from worries of deciding the appropriate gift. You can get a gift card from your bank as almost all Banks in India are providing these gift Cards. Besides banks, you can also get a gift card from offline as well as online stores such as Lifestyle, Westside, Shopper’s Stop and Cleartrip to name a few. These cards can be redeemed at their respective stores. You can have any denomination of money in it, usually it starts from Rs. 250/- and goes up to Rs. 50,000 /-.

Once you get a gift card, all you need to do is to just give it to your friend or parents. These gift cards are quite safe to carry as compared to money. These cards look like just an ordinary ATM/ Debit/ Credit card and easily fit in your pocket. Once the user buys anything, the same amount will be deducted from the card. User can also know the available balance in the card.

Gift Cards In India

The usage of gift cards is increasing rapidly in India. As almost all banks and major offline and online stores provide these cards, so you can easily get those cards without much hassle. You can also get them delivered to your door step by providing your address.

Most banks provide Visa or MasterCard cards, which almost all retail stores in India accept. If you have a Gift Card then you wont need to use all money in one go, you get a time period of 1 year on all cards which allows you to do shopping easily without any hurry.

Also, if you have lost your card, then you can just call your bank or online/offline store  and get the card blocked, in the same way as you do with your Debit or Credit card when they are lost.

If you have given gift card to someone, then you can track all shopping done by others, so its quite easy to know where the money is being spent.

If you want to gift a gift card then you can contact your Bank or buy it from an online/offline shopping portal. You may also get discounts and other options on special occasions. Remember, that if you are giving card to someone then its you who will bear all fees/taxes/surcharges/service charges and all other levies while buying the card.

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