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What Is ISIN Code?

The International Security Identification Number (ISIN), is a 12 Digit alpha-numeric code that uniquely identifies a security across the world. It is designed by the United Nations ISO (International Organization for standardization) to create a single global code to identify a security. Securities for which ISIN numbers are issued includes shares, bonds, commercial papers and warrants. As it is a global identification number, each country has a national numbering agency(NNA) which assigns ISIN numbers for securities in that country. In India, Security Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) acts as NNA

The foremost aim to allocate the international identification codes is to standardized the identification of securities and other financial instruments for international transactions. Having a unique identifier for a security greatly helps traders as well as brokers in various countries to unambiguously identify and trade a security.


ISIN constitutes of three parts. It starts with a two letter country code. In the case of Indian securities the country code is IN (India). The country code is according to the ‘ISO 3166-1 alpha-2’ standard. The country code is followed by a nine character alpha-numeric national security identification code assigned to a security by the governing bodies in each country. In the case of Reliance Power Limited, the national security identification code is ‘9614G01015’. This is followed by a single character check digit, which will validate the ISIN code.

Features Of ISIN
  • Used to keep track of institutional investors in a format which is consistent across the world.
  • Designed by ISO (International Organization Of standardization)
  • ISIN is issued by National Numbering Agency (NNA)
  • SEBI Acts as NNA in India
  • Physical and demat equities will have different ISINs
  • Fully paid up and partly paid equities will have different ISINs

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