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How To Check Pending Income Tax Refund Status Online In India – Step By Step Procedure

Income Tax Refunds in India usually take about one year time to reach the tax payer after the return is filed within the due dates for the tax returns filing. This may take longer in some cases where the documents are not in order or there is some errors in the processing of the refund due to any reason. The tax payers need to patiently wait to get their excess paid tax to be refunded by the Income tax department. Earlier, to check the status of the refund, one had to visit his/her income tax office and get the inquiry done there, but with the improvement in the online infrastructure of the Income tax department in India, a lot has changed. In this article, we will share the link to the official website and a very simple three step method to know the status of your Income tax refund status online from the comfort of your home/office.


Official Website and Procedure To Know Income Tax Refund Status In India

To know the status of your Income tax refund in in India, you need to Visit the official website of Income tax department refund status (link given in step 1 below). Just follow these three simple steps to get the status of your Income Tax Refund Status in India.

Step 1:  Open the official webpage for Income Tax Refund Status in India at this link.

Step 2: Enter Your PAN (Permanent Account Number) in the box show in the picture below, also select your year of assessment for which you want to check the status of refund from the option below the box for PAN Number.

Income tax refund status online in india

image – Official Webpage to check income tax refund status in India

Step 3: Press the Submit button. This is it. It will show you a result something like the sample result shown below:

income tax refund status onine in india result page

image – Official Webpage Of Income tax department with Refund status example

If you are not able to get the status on the website, you can also contact the State Bank Of India’s toll free number who handle the tax refunds – 1800-425-9760 and also email them at

To get your refunds smoothly and quickly, file your income tax returns well witching time and  opt for ECS option to receive your tax refund as under this option the tax refund is directly paid to the bank account and there are minimal delays involved and the chances of error in check issue, delivery and encashment are removed from the process.

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